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Danielle Jacobsen’s Top Five Reasons for Dating a Guy Who’s Good with his Hands Dani is a lot of things: she’s smart, independent, and ambitious enough to be a NICU manager by 35. When she inherits her grandmother’s run-down Seattle Craftsman, she gives herself three months to get it in shape to sell before returning to her real life in L.A. Great plan, except she doesn’t figure on how much work the house is going to take, and she really doesn’t figure on her BFFs younger brother Ryan – the carpenter. The incredibly hot carpenter. But I said right in the beginning that Dani’s a smart woman. She needs help and talks Ryan into the job. When one thing leads to another, she learns an important lesson about the virtues of dating a guy who’s good with his hands… 1.       He can lay on the paint in nice straight strokes. 2.       He’s all about the heavy lifting. 3.       He knows the difference between a nail gun and a power drill. 4.       He knows what to do with his

Storyboard on a Budget for the Pantser with a Plan

You’ll see things all over the internet about Pantser vs. Plotter. This is a simplistic way of defining writing styles. Pantsers just sit down and let the words flow – flying by the seat of their pants. Alternatively, plotters work at outlining their stories first – often referred to as storyboarding. Clear as glass right? Wrong. When I write I have an idea, however vague, of where my characters are going and I let the story take me where it wants to go. That sounds like a pantser, but hey I have a game plan. But since it’s not something I wrote down, worked on, framed, I’m not a plotter. I like to think of myself as a pantser with a plan. Until this WIP [for the uninitiated that means Work In Progress]. My characters, scenes, ideas are a jumble. No plan no matter how ethereal is in play this time. And I needed something to help me see the story. There is software specifically designed for storyboarding. But I’m thrifty and unwilling to spend money on software I may ne