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Uncle Biffs Beef Nuggets

My brothers are three of my favorite people. I was almost 17 months old when the eldest of the three, Kenny, was born. Nicholas arrived 8 days before my third birthday. And Christopher about 4 months after I turned five. I don't remember a time when there wasn't a Kenny Flade. But I remember when Nick and Chris came home from the hospital. My mother put them right in my arms, each of them she says including Kenny, and told me they were mine to take care of and to love. I took that responsibility seriously our entire lives. As several bullies could attest if they were willing to admit they got beat up by a girl. My brothers weren’t just my first friends – they’re my best friends. They know all my stories, are featured in all my memories, and share all my friends. I am often saddened by the fact that over the course of adulthood we've made our lives and built our individual families in different states scattered between Florida and Philly. For

Dat boy next store

The hubz and I finally went on our honeymoon in beautiful Negril, Jamaica. We made friends with locals and with visitors from all over the United States and Canada.   Our new friends were quick to acknowledge our distinctive accents. Upon our return I began final copy edits and formatting for my most recent release Fated Desires . And the paperback cover went to print, approved by me, with an egregious error. “…the young widower next store” instead of the accurate “…the young widower next door.” It’s vernacular, a local-ism, and embarrassing - it’s on the damn cover! Between being called out in Jamaica for my accent and that damn phonetic typo, a friend suggested I write a blog post in Philadelphian. I thought that was a fun idea. Thanks, Deb This is Deb of the great idea It’s harder than I thought it would be. I don’t exactly recognize that I’m not pronouncing a particular word correctly.   For example, did you know that mayonnaise i

FATED DESIRES release day

When I first started writing Fated Souls I never imagined it would turn into the series of books about fresh beginnings, new love, the fickle hands of fate, family and friendship that it has. Each book sees me growing, not just as a writer but as a woman. In Souls I explored my creativity, in Hearts my courage and in Fated Desires I tackled the lingering insecurities I hadn’t admitted a failed marriage had left in its wake. My emotions gave the book a chick-lit leaning my publisher wasn’t interested in pursuing, and while I edited it as much as I could without losing what had made it such a triumph to write [and it was very much a triumph to type The End as this story did not come easily or without some pain], Desires still has a decidedly empowering feel to it. I hope that you enjoy it. Jenna Gavin is searching for a fresh start and, more importantly, for balance. Her heart, and perhaps the hands of fate, have led her and her son to Trappers' Cove, Minnesota. Set

Fated Desires Release Day Giveaway

I had only intended Fated Souls to be a short, funny story about a werewolf 'marking' his woman. But it grew and it grew into characters I came to love. Characters I wasn't ready to say goodbye to despite their having found their own happily ever after.  Unable to shake Maggie and Aidan, or the cast of quirky townsfolk that made The Cove such a delightful place to visit, I discovered I had more stories to tell. Henley and Carter's emotional journey to love blossomed. I've never written anything as quickly as I did Fated Hearts.  However, my journey wasn't over.  Fated Desires clawed to be told but of the three it was hardest to tell. There were many re-writes, many revisions, before the book releasing Monday May 15, 2017, was ready for readers. But it is ready and in celebration I'm offering one reader a chance to win all three Trappers' Cove romances on Fated Desires' release day.  Good luck and enjoy. a Rafflecopter giveaway Twe