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Be a Hero - Send a Daisy

My oldest daughter was gravely ill as an infant, having contracted Pertussis (Whopping Cough) before she was old enough to receive the vaccine. She spent close to a month in the ICU and there were times the medical staff advised me that they didn’t expect her to survive the ordeal. But survive she did!   She was left with a variety of respiratory issues that meant we spent a lot of time in hospitals during her childhood. Although none were as terrifying as the first experience that she, thankfully, doesn’t remember, they all sucked. The only thing worse than a sick child in pain is a bored, unhappy, sick child in pain. I spent many hours creating ways to make my little girl smile. When I saw that Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (“CHOP”) had created a program for the delivery of a daisy with a personal message to their pediatric cancer patients, I jumped on the chance to cheer up one of these brave kids. Be a Hero - Send a Daisy! It’s free. It’s fast. But most of all

RAIN by Taryn Kincaid *Cover Reveal*

RAIN A Beyond Fairytales Story By Taryn Kincaid In a world gone mad, where little remains but a vast wasteland of sand, the leader of a troop of roving warriors welcomes a brave young woman into his midst. Much as he burns for her, Major Clay Worthington swears to keep his distance from the mysterious woman, so sensitive even the stinging rain can wound her. Rosina Brierly is besotted with the formidable soldier and will gladly trade her life for one torrid night of blissful passion in his arms. But when sleep overcomes them, will true love prevail? Coming in May 2015 from Decadent Publishing

V.L. Wren Blitz

  Growing up surrounded by wealth and privilege is normal for Ella. Enjoying all the advantages living on the vast estate of Carrington Hall offer, life couldn’t get any better. But it only takes one night for everything she has ever known to be snatched away from her in the most brutal of ways. In the midst of such devastating loss Ella is forced to make drastic changes. Maturing quickly she has to overcome the mounting obstacles no seventeen year old should face alone. Discovering the darker side of sex at the hands of Alex, the deeply alluring heir to the estate and love of her life, she struggles with the emotional turmoil of his domineering demands and vicious punishments as she continues to come terms with her new life. A chance encounter in London with the mysterious American Nick, has her questioning her entire relationship with Alex. Nick is as much an enigma to her as she is to him. But fearing he is running from his own demons she’s forced back into the ensnaring