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Are all writers sissies?

I got published, major step right there, huge deal, awesome deal. Decided on the flush of victory I was going to start sending out my full length novel to some agents. Meanwhile, back at the farm, I start working on my 2011 JulNoWriMo. But I've had my first rejection from the first agent. I'd told myself to expect it but, as silly as I know it to be, I was disappointed and now I'm wondering if I should even bother. The editor that published the erotic novella was interested in seeing more, why not stick with what I know works rather than try for something new. Let's face it that's why it took this long to get published in the first place. Self-defeating sissy crap like that, is how I talk myself out of taking risks.   So are all writers sissies… or is it just me? J