Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Black Hats White Cats #Villains #MFRWHooks

 Black Hats, White Cats

Villains are the most interesting characters

He was small in every sense of the word, with a dainty build and nearly childlike features. Xavier’s grandmother—God bless her—liked to use the word “dandy” to describe effeminate men. She’d have called this man a dandy–until she looked into his eyes. They were dark and cold. Like a shark. His smile was malevolent. Like fangs hid beneath the expression. The tall man who came in beside him, oozing criminal defense lawyer, stepped away to talk to the desk sergeant, and the dandy approached their paired desks.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

March is for Powerful Women #MFRWHooks

March is National Women’s History Month and March 8th – specifically – is International Women’s Day!

I love writing strong, unique women. They’re imperfect and perfectly inspiring.
  Learn a little about my leading my ladies below.  Each one is special in her own way. I've been told that Maggie is not unlike me (especially with her sassy mouth); and I know Henley and Jenna were inspired by my two best friends, Jen and Jacquie, respectively. And Tala is an amalgamation of all the things I see in  my two daughters. Kylee is the best of them all and she admires her mom as I admire my own. Lexi is both damaged and determined - nothing stands in her way!

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Smashwords – Fated Souls – a book by Becky Flade

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“I already know what kind of card player you’d be.” At his blank stare, Maggie smiled. “You’d want to play it balls to the wall, but you’d put instinct in check and take the safest, quietest hand, make the most reserved bets, and fold rather than risk chance.”

Smashwords – Fated Hearts – a book by Becky Flade

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Henley enjoyed the full, throaty sound of his surprised laughter. He didn’t speak like a Midwesterner, yet she couldn’t place his distinctive accent. Her pulse thrummed in a delicious rhythm she hadn’t felt in a long time. He was probably harmless. But a fission of sexual awareness and “probably harmless” weren’t good enough reasons to override basic caution.

Smashwords – Fated Desires – a book by Becky Flade

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Jenna felt the familiar kick of desire. She’d never understood the girls who spoke of butterflies and stirrings. For her it was more akin to a donkey kick - pleasurable, sure, like the first jolt of caffeine in the morning and as sure and swift and strong. Her pulse sped up and she knew the vein in her neck would visibly pulse; it did when she was angry and when she was aroused.

Smashwords – Fated Always – a book by Becky Flade

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“She’s part of the pack I’ve been researching. They’ve grown familiar with me and my scent. Sometimes you can even see them near the cabin.” Tala resisted the urge to show off and pet Magda’s thick pelt. The she-wolf would let her. But safeguarding her secret was more important. “I call her Magda. She’s the alpha’s mate and a new mother.”

Smashwords – A Love Restrained – a book by Becky Flade

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“Philly PD, you’re under arrest. Slowly put your hands above your head and against the wall to your left.” Kylee closed the few feet between them, using her free hand to release the handcuffs from her belt, the other remaining on her weapon. She cuffed him, with practiced efficiency, and then read him his rights before leading him out of the alley, preferring to do the pat down with her partner present.

Smashwords – Fall to Pieces – a book by Becky Flade

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The sorrow and the weight of Monica Welsh’s grief could bury Lexi if she let it. Lexi took a deep breath, welcomed the muggy air of August. Her emotions served no purpose. Would only be a selfish indulgence. What this woman needed; Lexi could never provide.

Tell us about a woman you admire in the comments below

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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Have A Holly Jolly Holiday

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Fall to Pieces #99cents #NewRelease #MRFWHooks

#MFRWHooks “She's a train wreck.”

#MFRWAuthor #NewRelease #OneClick

It was an order. One Xavier briefly considered disregarding, but he hadn’t seen Sharon in over a year. “The way you reacted when I took that job with Internal Affairs in Boston, I would’ve bet my left nut you’d never follow suit.” Xavier grinned. “But here you are Divisional Commander of Internal Affairs.”

“It was, is, a smart career move.” Jack stood and opened the door wide.

Xavier followed him inside. The interior was charming. He recognized furniture, photos, and knick-knacks from their old home in Baltimore mixed among newer pieces. It felt both familiar and foreign. The story of my life. He hadn’t had a home, not a real one, in years. He didn’t know why, didn’t want to know why. That fact made him melancholy. Xavier chose the solitary, nearly vagabond lifestyle intentionally. Moving from city to city, police department to police department, no friends, no roots, no obligations - like the one that had brought him here and partnered him with Alexandra Danvers.

“I will not railroad her.”

“You won’t need to. She’s a train wreck.”

The door closed behind Xavier, and the snick of the lock catching felt oddly final.

What are readers saying about Fall to Pieces?

Fall to Pieces is a tense romantic suspense that’s impossible to put down!

“Fall to Pieces” is a superbly written thriller keeping the reader on the edge of their seat wondering when the next murder will occur.

The author built a cadre of very interesting characters and wove their strengths and weaknesses into a compelling story that definitely kept my interest. 

Philadelphia Homicide Detective Alexandra Danvers is determined to bring suspected child killer, Arthur Book, to justice, no matter the cost. Detective Xavier Knight is asked to evaluate Lexi’s fitness for duty and fears investigating Lexi could allow a monster to walk free. Holding onto their own secrets, they launch a covert investigation into Arthur Book that could cost Lexi and Xavier their careers…and their lives.

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